Becky Shires Photography | Little guys! Novi Mi Family Photographer

Little guys! Novi Mi Family Photographer

October 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


These two boys were such great little listeners last night, and so super adorable!!!! What a fun session!  Up there with one of my faves for sure!

HanawayHanaway Hanaway2Hanaway2 Hanaway3Hanaway3 Hanaway4Hanaway4 Hanaway5Hanaway5 Hanaway6Hanaway6 Hanaway7Hanaway7 Hanaway8Hanaway8 Hanaway9Hanaway9 Hanaway10Hanaway10 Hanaway11Hanaway11 Hanaway12Hanaway12 Hanaway13Hanaway13 Hanaway14Hanaway14 Hanaway15Hanaway15 Hanaway16Hanaway16 Hanaway17Hanaway17 Hanaway18Hanaway18 Hanaway19Hanaway19 Hanaway20Hanaway20 Hanaway21Hanaway21 Hanaway22Hanaway22 Hanaway23Hanaway23 Hanaway24Hanaway24


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