Red Thread Session:


What is a Red Thread Session?
A Red Thread Session is a discounted photography session held during your homecoming or shortly after you have become an adoptive family. Depending on what type of Red Thread Session you would like, these sessions will capture you as a new family and all of the emotions that go along with it. 


How do I qualify for a Red Thread Session?
If you have added to your family through adoption within the last 3 months, you qualify for a Red Thread Session! You may be asked to show proof of your adoption date given the charitable nature of a Red Thread Session. Each family qualifies for only one Red Thread Session per adoption and must sign a Red Thread Session model release.


Amount of time shooting varies based on type of session selected.  Types of sessions include:


1.  Family Portrait Session - within the first 3 months of finalized adoption to capture family portraits of your new family

2.  Homecoming Session - meeting family at airport upon arrival home to capture the first moments with your family

3.  Birth Session - capture birth in an open adoption



For Red Thread Sessions, there is no sitting fee and no minimum purchase required.  

Proofs are provided digitally for viewing.

All packages and/or a la carte items are discounted 20%.