Sweet Sagittarius! Commerce MI Newborn Photographer

December 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Introducing one week old Madeleine, welcomed by big brother Lennon!  She was so darling, what a wonderful Christmas this family is going to have this year!!!!

HojnackiHojnacki Hojnacki2Hojnacki2 Hojnacki3Hojnacki3 Hojnacki4Hojnacki4 Hojnacki5Hojnacki5 Hojnacki6Hojnacki6 Hojnacki7Hojnacki7 Hojnacki8Hojnacki8 Hojnacki9Hojnacki9 Hojnacki10Hojnacki10 Hojnacki11Hojnacki11 Hojnacki12Hojnacki12 Hojnacki13Hojnacki13 Hojnacki14Hojnacki14 Hojnacki15Hojnacki15 Hojnacki16Hojnacki16 Hojnacki17Hojnacki17 Hojnacki18Hojnacki18 Hojnacki19Hojnacki19


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