Apples and Sandcastles! Lake Orion MI Family Photographer

October 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's always fun to see Georgie, she has gotten so big, especially considering she was one of my smallest newborns (if not THE smallest)!  We hunted for apples and built sandcastles!

MidaMida Mida2Mida2 Mida3Mida3 Mida4Mida4 Mida5Mida5 Mida6Mida6 Mida7Mida7 Mida8Mida8 Mida9Mida9 Mida10Mida10 Mida11Mida11 Mida12Mida12 Mida13Mida13 Mida14Mida14 Mida15Mida15 Mida16Mida16 Mida17Mida17 Mida18Mida18


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