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Introducing beautiful Mackenzie Marie, one week old. She was so awesome today!!! And all that hair, I'm jealous!!!

PfieferPfiefer Pfiefer2Pfiefer2 Pfiefer3Pfiefer3 Pfiefer4Pfiefer4 Pfiefer5Pfiefer5 Pfiefer6Pfiefer6 Pfiefer7Pfiefer7 Pfiefer8Pfiefer8 Pfiefer9Pfiefer9 Pfiefer10Pfiefer10 Pfiefer11Pfiefer11 Pfiefer12Pfiefer12 Pfiefer13Pfiefer13 Pfiefer14Pfiefer14 Pfiefer15Pfiefer15 Pfiefer16Pfiefer16 Pfiefer17Pfiefer17 Pfiefer18Pfiefer18 Pfiefer19Pfiefer19 Pfiefer20Pfiefer20 Pfiefer21Pfiefer21

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Three beauties! Clarkston MI Family Photographer There isn't much more to say, three gorgeous girls!!!!

NemodeNemode Nemode2Nemode2 Nemode3Nemode3 Nemode4Nemode4 Nemode5Nemode5 Nemode6Nemode6 Nemode7Nemode7 Nemode8Nemode8 Nemode9Nemode9 Nemode10Nemode10 Nemode11Nemode11 Nemode12Nemode12 Nemode13Nemode13 Nemode14Nemode14 Nemode15Nemode15 Nemode16Nemode16

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So Many Favorites! Oakland County MI Family Photographer So many favorites from this session!!!! I can't believe Hannah is already 3 and Nora is 1! Such adorable sweet girls!!!


JabourJabour Jabour2Jabour2 Jabour3Jabour3 Jabour4Jabour4 Jabour5Jabour5 Jabour6Jabour6 Jabour7Jabour7 Jabour8Jabour8 Jabour9Jabour9 Jabour10Jabour10 Jabour11Jabour11 Jabour12Jabour12 Jabour13Jabour13 Jabour14Jabour14 Jabour15Jabour15 Jabour16Jabour16 Jabour17Jabour17 Jabour18Jabour18 Jabour19Jabour19 Jabour20Jabour20 Jabour21Jabour21 Jabour22Jabour22 Jabour23Jabour23 Jabour24Jabour24

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Mini Me! Oakland County MI Newborn Photographer Introducing Aden, who looks SO MUCH like his big sister Ela when she was a newborn!!!! So cute!!!

AbdurahmanovicAbdurahmanovic Abdurahmanovic2Abdurahmanovic2 Abdurahmanovic3Abdurahmanovic3 Abdurahmanovic4Abdurahmanovic4 Abdurahmanovic5Abdurahmanovic5 Abdurahmanovic6Abdurahmanovic6 Abdurahmanovic7Abdurahmanovic7 Abdurahmanovic8Abdurahmanovic8 Abdurahmanovic9Abdurahmanovic9 Abdurahmanovic10Abdurahmanovic10 Abdurahmanovic11Abdurahmanovic11 Abdurahmanovic12Abdurahmanovic12 Abdurahmanovic13Abdurahmanovic13 Abdurahmanovic14Abdurahmanovic14 Abdurahmanovic15Abdurahmanovic15 Abdurahmanovic16Abdurahmanovic16 Abdurahmanovic17Abdurahmanovic17 Abdurahmanovic18Abdurahmanovic18 Abdurahmanovic19Abdurahmanovic19 Abdurahmanovic20Abdurahmanovic20 Abdurahmanovic21Abdurahmanovic21 Abdurahmanovic22Abdurahmanovic22 Abdurahmanovic23Abdurahmanovic23 Abdurahmanovic24Abdurahmanovic24 Abdurahmanovic25Abdurahmanovic25

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Turning one with cake!!! Oakland County MI Family Photographer It's always fun to see this adorable family! Luckily the rain held out for us this morning. Sweet Anna is turning 1 and big sister Sophia is 3!  Anna was lucky to have her sister help her out with her cakesmash!

PanagopolousPanagopolous Panagopolous2Panagopolous2 Panagopolous3Panagopolous3 Panagopolous4Panagopolous4 Panagopolous5Panagopolous5 Panagopolous6Panagopolous6 Panagopolous7Panagopolous7 Panagopolous8Panagopolous8 Panagopolous9Panagopolous9 Panagopolous10Panagopolous10 Panagopolous11Panagopolous11 Panagopolous12Panagopolous12 Cakesmash Storyboard2Cakesmash Storyboard2 Panagopolous13Panagopolous13 Panagopolous14Panagopolous14 Panagopolous15Panagopolous15

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Sweet Caroline! Novi MI Newborn Photographer  

Introducing sweet Caroline, 6 days old. Charlotte is such a great big sister and so ridiculously cute!!!

WilsonWilson Wilson2Wilson2 Wilson3Wilson3 Wilson4Wilson4 Wilson5Wilson5 Wilson6Wilson6 Wilson7Wilson7 Wilson8Wilson8 Wilson9Wilson9 Wilson10Wilson10 Wilson11Wilson11 Wilson12Wilson12 Wilson13Wilson13 Wilson14Wilson14 Wilson15Wilson15 Wilson16Wilson16 Wilson17Wilson17 Wilson18Wilson18 Wilson19Wilson19 Wilson20Wilson20

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Waiting to welcome sibling! Oakland County MI Family Photographer Another maternity session this weekend with a beautiful family. Grady and Everly will be welcoming a new sibling into the world soon! I can't wait!

BurzynskiBurzynski Burzynski2Burzynski2 Burzynski3Burzynski3 Burzynski4Burzynski4 Burzynski5Burzynski5 Burzynski6Burzynski6 Burzynski7Burzynski7 Burzynski8Burzynski8 Burzynski9Burzynski9 Burzynski10Burzynski10 Burzynski11Burzynski11 Burzynski12Burzynski12 Burzynski13Burzynski13 Burzynski14Burzynski14 Burzynski15Burzynski15 Burzynski16Burzynski16

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Big Sisters To Be!!!! Oakland County MI Family Photographer Morgan and Madison are about to be big sisters!  They were so cute and so excited for our session!

PfeiferPfeifer Pfeifer2Pfeifer2 Pfeifer3Pfeifer3 Pfeifer4Pfeifer4 Pfeifer5Pfeifer5 Pfeifer6Pfeifer6 Pfeifer7Pfeifer7 Pfeifer8Pfeifer8 Pfeifer9Pfeifer9 Pfeifer10Pfeifer10 Pfeifer11Pfeifer11 Pfeifer12Pfeifer12 Pfeifer13Pfeifer13 Pfeifer14Pfeifer14 Pfeifer15Pfeifer15 Pfeifer16Pfeifer16 Pfeifer17Pfeifer17 Pfeifer20Pfeifer20 Pfeifer22Pfeifer22 Pfeifer18Pfeifer18 Pfeifer19Pfeifer19 Pfeifer21Pfeifer21

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Magic in the Forest! Oakland County MI Maternity Photographer  

Yesterday was the second maternity session I've done with this family, and mom showed up once again in the most amazing maternity dress!!!! Wow, so gorgeous!!!! Ela is going to be a great big sis, I can't wait to meet the new addition in a few weeks!!!!  Even in the brown of winter, we found a little magic in the forest!

AbdurahmanovicAbdurahmanovic Abdurahmanovic2Abdurahmanovic2 Abdurahmanovic3Abdurahmanovic3 Abdurahmanovic5Abdurahmanovic5 Abdurahmanovic4Abdurahmanovic4 Abdurahmanovic6Abdurahmanovic6 Abdurahmanovic7Abdurahmanovic7 Abdurahmanovic8Abdurahmanovic8 Abdurahmanovic9Abdurahmanovic9 Abdurahmanovic10Abdurahmanovic10 Abdurahmanovic11Abdurahmanovic11 Abdurahmanovic12Abdurahmanovic12 Abdurahmanovic13Abdurahmanovic13 Abdurahmanovic14Abdurahmanovic14 Abdurahmanovic15Abdurahmanovic15

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Three adorable little guys! Bloomfield Hills Mi Family Photographer I always enjoyi this sweet family!  Tyler, Jack and Matthew are getting so big!  It's fun watching them grow!

BassettBassett Bassett2Bassett2 Bassett3Bassett3 Bassett4Bassett4 Bassett5Bassett5 Bassett6Bassett6 Bassett7Bassett7 Bassett8Bassett8 Bassett9Bassett9 Bassett10Bassett10 Bassett11Bassett11 Bassett12Bassett12 Bassett13Bassett13 Bassett14Bassett14 Bassett15Bassett15 Bassett16Bassett16 Bassett17Bassett17 Bassett18Bassett18


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Introducing Everly! Commerce Twp MI Newborn Photographer  

So in love with the very last family picture in this post! I think it is so sweet!

Introducing Everly, 1 week old, with some of the best cheeks!!!!

ClercClerc Clerc2Clerc2 Clerc3Clerc3 Clerc4Clerc4 Clerc5Clerc5 Clerc6Clerc6 Clerc7Clerc7 Clerc8Clerc8 Clerc9Clerc9 Clerc10Clerc10 Clerc11Clerc11 Clerc12Clerc12 Clerc13Clerc13 Clerc15Clerc15 Clerc14Clerc14 Clerc16Clerc16 Clerc17Clerc17

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Abbey turns one! Oakland County MI Family Photographer I can't believe Abbey is already one!  Time goes by so quickly when they are little!  As always, she was so fun to play with!

StarostaStarosta Starosta2Starosta2 Starosta3Starosta3 Starosta4Starosta4 Starosta5Starosta5 Starosta6Starosta6 Starosta7Starosta7 Starosta8Starosta8 Starosta9Starosta9 Starosta10Starosta10 Starosta11Starosta11 Starosta12Starosta12 Starosta13Starosta13 Starosta14Starosta14 Starosta15Starosta15 Starosta16Starosta16 Starosta17Starosta17 Starosta18Starosta18 Starosta19Starosta19 Starosta20Starosta20

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Little Peanut! Oakland County MI Newborn Photographer  

This little 3-week old peanut decided to make his appearance 5 weeks early. I'm so lucky that I got to snuggle him and run my fingers through all that hair! Introducing sweet sweet Jonah.

WechterWechter Wechter2Wechter2 Wechter3Wechter3 Wechter4Wechter4 Wechter5Wechter5 Wechter6Wechter6 Wechter7Wechter7 Wechter8Wechter8 Wechter9Wechter9 Wechter10Wechter10 Wechter11Wechter11 Wechter12Wechter12 Wechter13Wechter13 Wechter14Wechter14 Wechter15Wechter15 Wechter16Wechter16 Wechter17Wechter17 Wechter18Wechter18 Wechter19Wechter19 Wechter20Wechter20

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Happy 1st Birthday! Oakland County MI Family Photographer Happy 1st birthday Maria!!!

Cakesmash Storyboard2Cakesmash Storyboard2

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Pretty in Pink!!! Howell MI Newborn Photographer Pretty in pink!!! Introducing Madison, 8 days old. Another beautiful little model who did great during her session! 

StandalStandal Standal2Standal2 Standal3Standal3 Standal4Standal4 Standal5Standal5 Standal6Standal6 Standal7Standal7 Standal8Standal8 Standal9Standal9 Standal10Standal10 Standal11Standal11 Standal12Standal12 Standal13Standal13 Standal14Standal14 Standal15Standal15 Standal16Standal16 Standal17Standal17 Standal18Standal18 Standal19Standal19 Standal20Standal20 Standal21Standal21 Standal22Standal22

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Asher turns 1 and Charles turns 6 Mom didn't want Charles to feel left out about Ashers cakesmash, so we did one for Charles as well.  I've gotta say, it was quite fun watching a 6 year old smash a cake!!!

LangLang Lang2Lang2 Lang3Lang3 Lang4Lang4 Lang5Lang5 Lang6Lang6 Lang7Lang7 Lang8Lang8 Lang9Lang9 Lang10Lang10 Lang11Lang11 Lang12Lang12 Lang13Lang13 Lang14Lang14 Lang15Lang15 Lang16Lang16

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Two sweet girls! Troy Mi Family Photographer These two sweet girls were so fun to photograph, even though it was a chili evening and we kept warm under blankets!  I have been so lucky to photograph both of them from birth!!!  Little darlings!!!

MidaMida Mida2Mida2 Mida3Mida3 Mida4Mida4 Mida5Mida5 Mida6Mida6 Mida7Mida7 Mida8Mida8 Mida9Mida9 Mida10Mida10 Mida11Mida11 Mida12Mida12 Mida13Mida13 Mida14Mida14 Mida15Mida15 Mida16Mida16 Mida17Mida17 Mida18Mida18 Mida19Mida19 Mida20Mida20 Mida21Mida21 Mida22Mida22 Mida23Mida23 Mida24Mida24 Mida25Mida25 Mida26Mida26

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Fall Light! Clarkston MI Family Photographer Two boys and their dog, so much fun!  We were so lucky to get some beautiful fall colors and amazing light!  It was a fun evening with this family!

CeoCeo Ceo2Ceo2 Ceo3Ceo3 Ceo4Ceo4 Ceo5Ceo5 Ceo6Ceo6 Ceo7Ceo7 Ceo8Ceo8 Ceo9Ceo9 Ceo10Ceo10 Ceo11Ceo11 Ceo12Ceo12 Ceo13Ceo13 Ceo14Ceo14 Ceo15Ceo15 Ceo16Ceo16 Ceo17Ceo17 Ceo18Ceo18 Ceo19Ceo19 Ceo20Ceo20 Ceo21Ceo21 Ceo22Ceo22

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Such a fun family!!! Clarkston MI Family Photographer Such a fun family and I love this location!!!

McPlaceMcPlace McPlace2McPlace2 McPlace3McPlace3 McPlace4McPlace4 McPlace5McPlace5 McPlace6McPlace6 McPlace7McPlace7 McPlace8McPlace8 McPlace9McPlace9 McPlace10McPlace10 McPlace11McPlace11 McPlace12McPlace12 McPlace13McPlace13 McPlace14McPlace14 McPlace15McPlace15 McPlace16McPlace16 McPlace17McPlace17 McPlace18McPlace18 McPlace19McPlace19 McPlace20McPlace20 McPlace22McPlace22 McPlace21McPlace21 McPlace24McPlace24 McPlace23McPlace23 McPlace27McPlace27 McPlace25McPlace25 McPlace26McPlace26 McPlace28McPlace28 McPlace29McPlace29 McPlace30McPlace30 McPlace31McPlace31

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Adorable Mitzi! Grosse Pointe Family Photographer Eight month old Mitzi is just as adorable as her name!  It doesn't get much cuter!!!!

BuccellatoBuccellato Buccellato2Buccellato2 Buccellato3Buccellato3 Buccellato4Buccellato4 Buccellato5Buccellato5 Buccellato6Buccellato6 Buccellato7Buccellato7 Buccellato8Buccellato8 Buccellato9Buccellato9 Buccellato10Buccellato10 Buccellato11Buccellato11 Buccellato12Buccellato12 Buccellato13Buccellato13 Buccellato14Buccellato14

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