Elsie is one! Novi MI Family Photographer

It's always fun to see Elsie and Owen!  I can't believe Elsie is already one!  They were full of laughs and so great to work with.

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Caroline is a big sis!!! Troy MI Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to play with these two gorgeous girls!  Big sister Caroline has the most amazing hair and is totally smitten with her new little sis Marie, 9 days old!

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Sweet girls! Rochester MI Family Photographer

It was so fun meeting this family!  I love the purple streaks in big sisters hair and all those curls on little sister!!!  

BoehlerBoehler Boehler2Boehler2 Boehler3Boehler3 Boehler4Boehler4 Boehler5Boehler5 Boehler6Boehler6 Boehler8Boehler8 Boehler7Boehler7 Boehler9Boehler9 Boehler10Boehler10 Boehler11Boehler11 Boehler12Boehler12 Boehler13Boehler13 Boehler14Boehler14 Boehler15Boehler15 Boehler16Boehler16 Boehler17Boehler17 Boehler18Boehler18

Another year with this beautiful family - Clarkston MI Family Photographer

I was so excited this family asked me to photograph them again this year.  So much beauty and so much fun! 

MundyMundy Mundy2Mundy2 Mundy3Mundy3 Mundy4Mundy4 Mundy5Mundy5 Mundy6Mundy6 Mundy7Mundy7 Mundy8Mundy8 Mundy9Mundy9 Mundy10Mundy10 Mundy11Mundy11 Mundy12Mundy12 Mundy13Mundy13 Mundy14Mundy14 Mundy15Mundy15 Mundy16Mundy16 Mundy17Mundy17 Mundy18Mundy18 Mundy19Mundy19 Mundy20Mundy20 Mundy21Mundy21 Mundy22Mundy22 Mundy23Mundy23

Smiley little guy! Birmingham MI Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Nate was so happy during our session!  We got so many smiles, such a handsome guy!

CostarisCostaris Costaris2Costaris2 Costaris3Costaris3 Costaris4Costaris4 Costaris5Costaris5 Costaris6Costaris6 Costaris7Costaris7 Costaris8Costaris8 Costaris9Costaris9 Costaris10Costaris10 Costaris11Costaris11 Costaris12Costaris12 Costaris13Costaris13 Costaris14Costaris14 Costaris15Costaris15 Costaris16Costaris16 Costaris17Costaris17 Costaris18Costaris18 Costaris19Costaris19

Go green! Troy MI Family Photographer

It's always fun photographing a fellow Spartan family, go green! Plus a brand new puppy, so sweet!

NewmanNewman Newman2Newman2 Newman3Newman3 Newman4Newman4 Newman5Newman5 Newman6Newman6 Newman7Newman7 Newman8Newman8 Newman9Newman9 Newman10Newman10 Newman11Newman11 Newman12Newman12 Newman13Newman13 Newman14Newman14 Newman15Newman15

Feels like magic! Clarkston MI Family Photographer

This was one of my all-time favorite sessions!  The lighting was perfect, family was beautiful, and it just felt magical!  I loved every second of it!

SaadSaad Saad2Saad2 Saad3Saad3 Saad4Saad4 Saad5Saad5 Saad6Saad6 Saad7Saad7 Saad8Saad8 Saad9Saad9 Saad10Saad10 Saad11Saad11 Saad12Saad12 Saad13Saad13 Saad14Saad14 Saad16Saad16 Saad17Saad17 Saad18Saad18 Saad19Saad19 Saad20Saad20 Saad21Saad21 Saad22Saad22 Saad23Saad23 Saad24Saad24 Saad25Saad25 Saad26Saad26 Saad27Saad27 Saad28Saad28 Saad29Saad29 Saad30Saad30 Saad31Saad31 Saad32Saad32 Saad33Saad33 Saad34Saad34 Saad35Saad35

Little Baldie! Troy MI Family Photographer

Sweet Caroline is 6 months old, and has no hair which I think is incredibly adorable!  My little girl didn't have hair until she was 2 so that's probably why I have such a love for little baldies!!!

UzarskiUzarski Uzarski2Uzarski2 Uzarski3Uzarski3 Uzarski4Uzarski4 Uzarski5Uzarski5 Uzarski6Uzarski6 Uzarski7Uzarski7 Uzarski8Uzarski8 Uzarski9Uzarski9 Uzarski10Uzarski10 Uzarski11Uzarski11 Uzarski12Uzarski12 Uzarski13Uzarski13 Uzarski14Uzarski14 Uzarski15Uzarski15 Uzarski16Uzarski16 Uzarski17Uzarski17 Uzarski18Uzarski18 Uzarski19Uzarski19 Uzarski20Uzarski20 Uzarski21Uzarski21 Uzarski22Uzarski22 Uzarski23Uzarski23 Uzarski24Uzarski24 Uzarski25Uzarski25

All that baby hair!!! Bloomfield Hills MI Newborn Photographer


Introducing beautiful Mackenzie Marie, one week old. She was so awesome today!!! And all that hair, I'm jealous!!!

PfieferPfiefer Pfiefer2Pfiefer2 Pfiefer3Pfiefer3 Pfiefer4Pfiefer4 Pfiefer5Pfiefer5 Pfiefer6Pfiefer6 Pfiefer7Pfiefer7 Pfiefer8Pfiefer8 Pfiefer9Pfiefer9 Pfiefer10Pfiefer10 Pfiefer11Pfiefer11 Pfiefer12Pfiefer12 Pfiefer13Pfiefer13 Pfiefer14Pfiefer14 Pfiefer15Pfiefer15 Pfiefer16Pfiefer16 Pfiefer17Pfiefer17 Pfiefer18Pfiefer18 Pfiefer19Pfiefer19 Pfiefer20Pfiefer20 Pfiefer21Pfiefer21

Three beauties! Clarkston MI Family Photographer

There isn't much more to say, three gorgeous girls!!!!

NemodeNemode Nemode2Nemode2 Nemode3Nemode3 Nemode4Nemode4 Nemode5Nemode5 Nemode6Nemode6 Nemode7Nemode7 Nemode8Nemode8 Nemode9Nemode9 Nemode10Nemode10 Nemode11Nemode11 Nemode12Nemode12 Nemode13Nemode13 Nemode14Nemode14 Nemode15Nemode15 Nemode16Nemode16